Vaping Laws Reversed as UK Government Bill Reaches Second Stage

The UK Government has passed a bill to deregulate several subsections of the Tobacco Product Directive (or TPD) that was passed in May of 2017.  Many proponents of the vaping community were highly critical of the bill, with some saying that the directive was only ever intended for products like loose leaf tobacco and cigarettes. Other people mentioned that the relative newness of the electronic cigarette industry meant that it was irresponsible for EU lawmakers to include all nicotine-containing products as a catch-all, with mentions of a separate vaping specific law being more suitable.

The change last year meant that several manufactures were forced to change the way their products were made, often opting to release two separate versions of their products for differing markets.  A good example of this change is the recent proliferation of shortfills, as well as the relatively small size of the TPD Compliant Tanks.

HC Bill 59 or the ‘Electronic Cigarettes (Regulation) Act 2018’ is a private members bill by Conservative MP for Christchurch Chris Chope. The bill was introduced to parliament in September of last year and has reached the first reading stage, with a second reading expected in Parliament tomorrow, with general outlines of the bill being voted on before being sent to committee for consideration. You can find a full link to the bill here.

We’ll keep an eye on the progress of the bill and update you with any major breakthroughs as it travels through the parliamentary process.

Naked Menthol Brain Freeze E-Liquid Review

Naked Menthol Brain Freeze E-Liquid Review

New in the store this week we have Brain Freeze from the Naked Menthol range.
This eliquid comes in a 60ml bottle, measuring at a 70VG/30PG ratio, perfect
for those of you using an RDA or RDTA. I’ll preface by saying I have a love/hate
relationship with menthol based flavours, most of the ones I’ve tried being
overpowered by either peppermint or spearmint; inevitably this becomes tired
if you’re looking for an ADV Juice. Naked Menthol on the other hand, completely
bypasses this issue and delivers a clean, refreshing menthol taste with notes of
Strawberry, Kiwi & Pomegranate.

Setup (as before)
For this Naked Menthol Brain Freeze Review From Audacious Vapes I’m using a Limitless
Combo RDTA with newly installed Alien Clapton wires + freshly wicked Cotton Bacon.
I’ve set my Sigelei Fuchai 213 to 60W, and the ohm reading on the mod is showing ~0.3Ω
with both cells at a fully charged 4.2V.

First Impressions
If you’re not used to menthol flavours, I’d recommend starting at lower wattages before
turning your mod up to high power. This juice has a mouthfeel which is vastly different
from the majority of vapes, which either focus on the fruity or bakery flavour profiles.
The only thing I tasted for the first hour or so vaping this liquid was a cool,
mellow peppermint menthol flavour, which is very refreshing to vape; it would marry perfectly
with a warm summers day or first thing in the morning to give you that good feeling inside.

After 1 Day
This is when the flavour starts to satiate on your palate and you start to notice the undertones.
They’re all married very well and I wouldn’t hesitate to say they’d work very well sans menthol.
There are two other flavours in the range which I’ll be reviewing in the coming days, namely
‘Very Cool’ & ‘Frost Bite’; they both have fruity profiles but are distinctly different
from ‘Brain Freeze’. At 70/30PG, the exhale on all three of these flavours are very pleasant.

Another ADV Award worthy e Liquid here, works great in every other Nicotine Delivery system I’ve
including an RDA, several Sub-Ohm tanks and even a beginner kit. If you buy this and you’re confident
in your mod, try turning it up to 100w and see how it takes your fancy.

If you have any questions about any of our reviews, please email us at,
and don’t forget to check out our range of products online (especially as this week is Black Friday week!)
As always, Thanks for reading

To view the range please click here.

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Review

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Review

Having used this mod for around 2 weeks now, I can safely say that Sigelei know exactly what they are doing when it comes to mods.
The Fuchai 213 is basically a clone of the Sigelei 213 (both made by the same company mind), the Sigelei 213 having a carbon fiber
exterior. If you have a particular penchant for carbon fiber then you might consider the extra money well spent, otherwise the visual
appearance has no effect on the function and usability of the mod.

Simplicity was clearly taken into account when Sigelei designed this mod. The menu is easy to use and doesn’t have any unnecessary
features like bluetooth or screen brightness (looking at you, SMOK). You simply set your desired wattage, or in the case of TC,
your desired wire & temperature (all of which have the option for Fahrenheit or Celscius) and you’re good to go.

In addition to Watts, the screen displays current and voltage draw from the batteries, atomiser resistance, as well as the individual
voltage of each battery. The battery voltage indicatiors also show voltage as you’re firing, or battery sag, which also changes the
total charge indicator (shown as a meter with total charge displayed as a percentage just above).

This is about all you need to know, especially if you’re building your own coils on an RDA or RDTA. Resistance changes immediately as you change atomiser, a standard
feature across a lot of modern box mods at this point, but still nice to see. Of course the readouts on your screen are only indicative
of what’s hitting your atomizer and not what’s hitting the batteries, so be careful if you’re building super sub-ohm on your deck, because
you might end up making a mistake and building above the max amp limit of what your battery is rated at.

I’ve been using this mod with a Limitless Combo RDTA built with Claptons at 0.3 ohms and it works beautifully. The 510 connector has a raised
plate so as to avoid scratching the top of the mod, something I’ve suffered with on other mod designs. The brushed metal exterior combined with
the oblong like form factor are aesthetically pleasing, being easy to carry around when you’re out and about.

The Sigelei Fuchai 213 is a well-built, polished mod, including only the most important features you’d need for both building and using standard sub-tanks.
The screen is easy to read and has a reasonable timeout, and battery life are noticeably better than even some three battery mods i’ve used (the Wismec RX200,
for example). It has a discreteness which lends itself to those who may not want to show off their vaping habit in public, and all in all,
I’d say it’s one of the best mods you can buy on the market today.

Thanks for reading,
Audacious Vapes

Vape Lolly Co E-Liquid Review From Audacious Vapes

Vape Lolly Co E-Liquid Review From Audacious Vapes

New in from Vape Lolly Co. we have their latest range of liquids, all based on the sweet treats we used to eat as children. Three options are available, including ‘Screw-It’, a faithful adaptation of the Screwball ice cream, and Rock-It, a fruity play on the ‘Rocket’ ice lollies. Today I’ll be reviewing ‘Twist-It’, which is an accurate representation of the infamous ‘Twister’ Ice Lolly.

For this Vape Lolly Co E-Liquid Review From Audacious Vapes I’m using a Limitless Combo RDTA with newly installed Alien Clapton wires + freshly wicked Cotton Bacon. I’ve set my Sigelei Fuchai 213 to 60W, and the ohm reading on the mod is showing ~0.3Ω with both cells at a fully charged 4.2V.

After making sure the wick was fully saturated, I ramped up the coils to full temperature. Upon the first inhale my first thought was that Twist-It is one of those rare flavours that manages to balance creamy and fruity undertones perfectly. Strawberry comes through initially, with a subtle vanilla ice-cream flavour sitting on the tongue during the exhale. I often find that a vendor will overcompensate for either one of the aforementioned tastes, which ends up with the e-liquid’s flavour becoming less pronounced over time. Which brings me to my next category.

At this point I’ve been vaping Twist-It for one full day in the shop, and I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s one of those flavours where you have to make sure your wick is always fully saturated to get the full effects of the flavour, but that’s wholly dependent on whether you’re using an RDA or, like me, an RDTA, but I feel this is a great flavour if you’re looking for something new amongst all of the variations of sweet bakery flavours.

I feel like this is definitely a candidate for our ADV Award (coming soon!) and would recommend coming into the shop to try some at our Vape Bar. As a footnote, I did try this in a couple of other atomisers and it holds its own, even in a tank running at 0.6Ω.

Twist-It By Vape Lolly Co 60ml

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Audacious Vapes Bricks and Mortar Store Opening Soon

Audacious Vapes are really pleased to announce that we have secured the lease on a retail property in Kettering, Northamptonshire. We will be hoping to open sometime during August 16. We will be stocking all that you see on the website and a lot more. We will have 50 e-liquids to try and test at our e-liquid tester station.

We will have all sorts of instore promos and giveaways and we plan on making your visit an experience that you will want to try again and again! We will update you with more details soon.


Have You Signed The Petition? Save UK Vaping.



25 May 2016 — Dear Friends,

There were a series of important meetings in Parliament yesterday in which senior Labour and Conservative politicians were discussing how to remove the vaping regulations from the TPD. Both sides have been highly impressed with your campaign – especially your fabulous personalised letters to peers. The critical Lords vote is expected in the week commencing 6 June. We will be asking you to write to peers again in the run up to that.

For now the politicians are urging us to focus on influencing the Department of Health by asking you to encourage your MP to write to the Health Minister Jane Ellison.

All you have to do is three things:

STEP ONE: Find the email address of your MP through
STEP TWO: Use the bullet points below to devise your respectful letter to your MP
STEP THREE: Hit send!

Your Letter To Your MP
a) say that you live in their constituency and give them your address
b) explain that you are writing about the legislation before Parliament that would enforce the Tobacco Products Directive
c) say how you think it could harm Britain’s 2.8 million vapers
d) give your personal story about how vaping has helped you
e) say that there is a vital two weeks to act during which the legislation can be blocked in the House of Lords
f) ask them to write a letter to the Health Minister, Jane Ellison, and offer the draft below for them to use


11th Hour Hope For UK Vapers?

Article extracted from


‘Fatal Motion’ tabled in the House of Lords. Is this the end of TPD Article 20 for the UK?
19, May, 2016


In an astonishing eleventh hour move, Lord Callanan – who many will remember as former MEP Martin Callanan, one of a small group who fought so valiantly to prevent Article 20 from being dragged up from the bowels of hell and put into law – has tabled a ‘fatal motion’ to kill off the TPD, and prevent its being implemented into UK law.

Make no mistake about it, this is a critical development, so let’s examine why:

As already discussed, Lord Callanan was a leading voice in the successful efforts to block compulsory medicinal regulation at the European Parliament vote in October 2013 – medicinal regulation which would have completely wiped out any hope of legal vaping, leaving us with nothing but the black market to turn to. He is a hugely experienced senior politician, and we believe it is entirely fair to say that no other politician has been more effective at defending vaping than he has.

Under ‘Motions relating to Delegated Legislation’, we can read the glorious official wording:

Procedurally, there will be a debate in the House of Lords (yes, another one – we’re sure everyone is still enjoying the last Lords debate (video (link is external) and transcript (link is external)) on this issue, led by another Vapers’ Hero, Viscount Ridley), but crucially, this debate will be followed by a vote. Parliamentary rules dictate that, if the Lords agree to this motion, the statutory instrument implementing the TPD in the UK will fall. Such procedures are called ‘fatal motions’ because the regulations are killed outright and do not go back to the Commons.

(A note for fellow Political Geeks: the Lords have until 10th June to vote against this delegated legislation. That will mark the end of the 40 days of “praying time” during which a successful motion can block the statutory instrument. This is the case, even though the law will have gone into effect from tomorrow, 20th May 2016.)

Although ECITA remains firmly opposed to the provisions relating to vaping products in the TPD, we do support regulation for the industry. However, we believe it should be fit for purpose and proportionate, not flung together behind closed doors at the last minute – as happened with the TPD.

The only thing which could stop this motion being debated and voted on would be if Lord Callanan were pressurised (perhaps by Downing Street?) to withdraw his motion.

It seems unlikely that Lord Callanan would bow to such pressure, however, since he has clearly already decided that tabling this ‘fatal motion’ is the right thing to do.

But what’s the political context for this vote? Well, we heard from a fairly long list of peers during last week’s debate what their views on vaping are – and they were all very supportive. Even the minister (despite being rightly accused of being ‘mealy mouthed’ about it). However, all members of the Upper House will have the opportunity to vote on this motion, and some of them may not be so enlightened as those we heard from last week. This is part of the vapers’ opportunity: WRITE TO THEM!!! EDUCATE THEM!!! Tell them, in no uncertain terms, that YOU will absolutely vote to leave the EU precisely because of poisonous and harmful EU Directives such as TPD Article 20.

So what would happen if the vote succeeds, and Lord Callanan’s motion is carried? Well, technically, the EU could start “infraction proceedings” against the UK for not fully implementing Article 20. But would they really want to do this – at this crucial time? It would look very bad; Brussels needs to be making friends with the Brits, not encouraging anti-EU sentiment, which (let’s face it) is already running pretty high – particularly amongst vapers!

Can we succeed?

There are many more of us now than there were in 2013, when Vaper Power helped to win the European Parliament vote. Back then, there were a mere 1.3 million vapers in the UK. Now, there are at least 2.8 million of us.

Westminster and Brussels have multiple good reasons to be helpful: politicians are seeing the evidence that some of the EU rules are no longer fit for purpose – and in many cases, speaking out publicly about this. But far more fundamentally, they don’t want vapers deciding their referendum votes on this issue.


If ever there was a day for vaper power, this is it. The Twittersphere is already abuzz, but why not add your voice? Send your support for the #LordsVapeVote to @Number10gov @MartinCallanan @jeremycorbyn.

PLEASE don’t just rely on Twitter though: we need to fill their email inboxes again! Write to your MP, MEP, Lords representative, and anyone else you can think of. Contact all the high profile Brexiteers we keep seeing and hearing on the news. Educate them about your experiences, and tell them what it means for you in your life.

Those who are campaigning for us to stay in the EU keep telling us that we have sovereignty, that we have control, as citizens of the UK; perhaps this motion can allow them the opportunity to prove that this is actually the case – and if so, perhaps even we can be persuaded to change our vote from an emphatic OUT on 23rd June. Stranger things have happened….

Audacious Vapes Require A Product Reviewer

Audacious Vapes are looking for a product reviewer who is competent at both video reviews and also able to produce concise technical written reviews for the particular product. The candidate must have their own recording equipment and be able to edit and upload videos to Youtube etc. This is an adhoc position for someone who loves vaping, understands all aspects of vaping and is confident they can turn the reviews around fast.

If you feel you have what it takes please drop us an email to and let us know a bit about yourself and what you can offer including any footage of review work carried out before.


Look forward to hearing from you!

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