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Lost Vape Lyra Pod Kit

Lost Vape

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Voopoo Drag 3 Kit



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Lost Vape URSA Quest Multi Kit

Lost Vape

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OXVA Velocity Kit 100w



Geekvape Aegis Max 100w Kit

Geek Vape


Artery Nugget 200w Pod Kit


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Smok Alike 40w Pod Kit



Smok Pozz X Kit


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Smok RPM80 Pro Kit



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Smok Nord 2 Kit



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Smok Mag P3 230w Kit





  • Better Flavour
  • Good if you like large clouds
  • Finer controls for the ideal hit
  • Tanks often have the option for a larger capacity
  • Battery life can be better depending on the setup/atomizer
  • E-Liquid for sub ohm devices is generally cheaper per unit cost


  • Less portable than other systems
  • Generally more costly
  • External battery devices require a separate charger
  • Atomizers/Coils for sub ohm tanks can burn out quickly (depending on manufacturer)


Mouth to Lung Kits

Mouth to Lung Kits are intended to imitate a cigarette as closely as possible. The main attraction of purchasing a mouth to lung kit is their ease of use and comparative convenience when compared to a traditional cigarette.

The upkeep of an e-cig can be overwhelming for a first time vaper. Keeping coils fresh, making sure you have E-Liquid on you and keeping your device charged can push a lot of people away - especially when you introduce external batteries and chargers into the mix.

While mouth to lung devices will never be as simple as lighting a cigarette, they are easier to operate and maintain than the majority of Sub Ohm devices. Internal batteries mean you only ever have to charge using the commonly found micro-usb cable. Coils are commonly found and often cheaper than their lower resistance counterparts. They also often last longer when you introduce high nicotine E-Liquids into the mix as a result of vaping less.

The draw and 'hit' of a Mouth to Lung kit is comparable to a cigarette, where the nicotine level is usuallt matched to how many you smoke a day. Nic Salts help the user get an instant nicotine boost - traditional (freebase) nicotine takes longer to enter the bloodstream. A general rule of thumb is: The number of cigarettes you smoke/day = your nic level in mg/ml. So 20 Cigarettes a day would equate to 20mg/ml. Switch to Salts if the hit isn't satisfying as much in the first instance.


Pod Systems

Pod Systems are a fairly new type of device that aims to remove the inconveniece of traditional vaporisers. A Pod System will usually just consist of a pod, which combines the traditional atomizer and tank into one unit, and a small battery mod that powers the coils.

Pod systems are extremely compact and are suited for Nic Salts.


Mechanical Kits

Mechanical mods are the most basic form of an e-cigarette - a simple circuit with a switch that powers the atomizer for as long as its pressed. Mechanical mods harness the full power of the battery configuration of a device, minus the loss from the internal resistance of the device.

A Mechanical Kit will also include a rebuildable atomizer - usually in the form of a single battery tube mod. The atomizer will also usually be the same diameter as the mechanical device. You can find guides on how to build atomizers by searching Youtube with 'NAME OF ATOMIZER' + 'Build Guide'.


Audacious Vapes recommends that you carry out independent research before purchasing a mechanical device. These devices do not have any safety configurations built in. Misuse or improper handing of a mechanical device can cause severe injury up to and including death.

Audacious Vapes is not providing a guide for the use of mechanical devices - there are plenty of more detailed and better informed guides online. Any hints or tips written under any of the domains owned by Audacious Jooce Co Ltd are not to be taken as fact and should be subject to scrutiny and independent research. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via support.

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