Naked Menthol Brain Freeze E-Liquid Review

Naked Menthol Brain Freeze E-Liquid Review

New in the store this week we have Brain Freeze from the Naked Menthol range.
This eliquid comes in a 60ml bottle, measuring at a 70VG/30PG ratio, perfect
for those of you using an RDA or RDTA. I’ll preface by saying I have a love/hate
relationship with menthol based flavours, most of the ones I’ve tried being
overpowered by either peppermint or spearmint; inevitably this becomes tired
if you’re looking for an ADV Juice. Naked Menthol on the other hand, completely
bypasses this issue and delivers a clean, refreshing menthol taste with notes of
Strawberry, Kiwi & Pomegranate.

Setup (as before)
For this Naked Menthol Brain Freeze Review From Audacious Vapes I’m using a Limitless
Combo RDTA with newly installed Alien Clapton wires + freshly wicked Cotton Bacon.
I’ve set my Sigelei Fuchai 213 to 60W, and the ohm reading on the mod is showing ~0.3Ω
with both cells at a fully charged 4.2V.

First Impressions
If you’re not used to menthol flavours, I’d recommend starting at lower wattages before
turning your mod up to high power. This juice has a mouthfeel which is vastly different
from the majority of vapes, which either focus on the fruity or bakery flavour profiles.
The only thing I tasted for the first hour or so vaping this liquid was a cool,
mellow peppermint menthol flavour, which is very refreshing to vape; it would marry perfectly
with a warm summers day or first thing in the morning to give you that good feeling inside.

After 1 Day
This is when the flavour starts to satiate on your palate and you start to notice the undertones.
They’re all married very well and I wouldn’t hesitate to say they’d work very well sans menthol.
There are two other flavours in the range which I’ll be reviewing in the coming days, namely
‘Very Cool’ & ‘Frost Bite’; they both have fruity profiles but are distinctly different
from ‘Brain Freeze’. At 70/30PG, the exhale on all three of these flavours are very pleasant.

Another ADV Award worthy e Liquid here, works great in every other Nicotine Delivery system I’ve
including an RDA, several Sub-Ohm tanks and even a beginner kit. If you buy this and you’re confident
in your mod, try turning it up to 100w and see how it takes your fancy.

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As always, Thanks for reading

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