Cotton Bacon V2 0.35OZ

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Cotton Bacon V2 0.35OZ By Wick N Vape


Why Cotton Bacon?

In the beginning we had a vision to create the finest cotton wick specifically for Vapers anywhere. Cotton quickly became the superior wicking material in the vaping world. As avid vapers of our community we naturally followed suit.

Trying everything from boiling cotton balls to venturing into medical cotton batting. Although these options were a nuisance to work with, they had traits we wanted to capture.

Shortly after, came Japanese cotton and Rayon fibre.

Rayon is a manmade fibre created from wood using chemicals and enzymes, and Japanese cotton although organic matter, could have trace organic pesticides or fragrances and lotions as it was developed sole for the beauty industry.

Our goal was to create a 100% cotton wick that is safe, pure, durable and the cleanest flavour possible in a user friendly travel size packs.


Cotton Bacon V2 0.35OZ Features:

  • 4 inch length, heavy body, easy to use bacon strip.
  • U.S. Grown dual fibre for optimal wicking and heat resistance.
  • No more break-in. 100% TASTELESS wick.
  • Large fibers for lo-ohm builds, minimal dry hits.
  • User friendly, reseal able travel size package.

    What is in the packet:

    10g (0.35OZ) Cotton Bacon Wicking Material

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