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El Cheapo Eliquid 0mg 80ml Shortfill

El Cheapo

El Cheapo Eliquid Cactusy 0mg 80ml Shortfill. Straight out of Mexico comes this muy bueno ELiquid, complete with a tongue in cheek mexican branding. Mr Cheapo started his ELiquid business right after his restaurant was forced to close and has travelled to the UK to jump into the lucrative world of ELiquid and vaping. Mr Cheapo promises to use only the cheapest ingredients to pass the cost on to you, the frugal consumer. El Cheapo’s flavours are so good, he even puts his name and face on them! If it’s not cheap enough, it’s probably not El Cheapo.


El Cheapo Cactusy Flavour Profile

El Cheapo Cactusy is a blend of bottom of the barrel cacti with a hint of some blackcurrants Mr Cheapo found on the side of the road. Mr Cheapo says ‘ flavour very much tasty. ‘, but you should see for yourself.


El Cheapo Puddingy Flavour Profile

Puddingy from El Cheapo combines an old own brand apple pie, lumpy custard and a stale donut from yesterday’s pastry run. This is a delectable 3 for 1 pudding deal, only from El Cheapo. Available while past sell by pastries last!


El Cheapo Minty Flavour Profile

Minty from El Cheapo is nothing special.Do you know what mint tastes like? El Cheapo just found some old dried mint leaves in his garden and mixed them up into this extremely cheap and minty E Liquid. El Cheapo really can’t be bothered with this one. Why don’t you give him a hand and let him know how much you like it?!


El Cheapo Tropicaly Flavour Profile

Tropicaly from El Cheapo is the eponymous pioneer’s bread and butter. Created for the love of low budget holidays to the ‘Tropical’ B&B in his hometown, this mango, guava and hibiscus orange he stole from the communal fruit bowl is sure to make you feel like you’re really on holiday.


El Cheapo Fruity Flavour Profile

Fruity from El Cheapo is a blend of whatever berries he can steal from the local farmer before he gets caught – think blueberries, blackberries, lemon (not a berry) and whatever else he can get his hands on.



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El Cheapo ELiquid comes in an 100ml bottle filled up to the 80ml mark, leaving room for additional Nic Shots. Simply add two 15mg x 10ml Nic Shots to make this E Liquid a total of 3mg/ml, or 0.3% total Nicotine content. This E Liquid comes with free nicotine shots. Simply select the option before you add the item to your cart.

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