Vape Lolly Co E-Liquid Review From Audacious Vapes

Vape Lolly Co E-Liquid Review From Audacious Vapes

New in from Vape Lolly Co. we have their latest range of liquids, all based on the sweet treats we used to eat as children. Three options are available, including ‘Screw-It’, a faithful adaptation of the Screwball ice cream, and Rock-It, a fruity play on the ‘Rocket’ ice lollies. Today I’ll be reviewing ‘Twist-It’, which is an accurate representation of the infamous ‘Twister’ Ice Lolly.

For this Vape Lolly Co E-Liquid Review From Audacious Vapes I’m using a Limitless Combo RDTA with newly installed Alien Clapton wires + freshly wicked Cotton Bacon. I’ve set my Sigelei Fuchai 213 to 60W, and the ohm reading on the mod is showing ~0.3Ω with both cells at a fully charged 4.2V.

After making sure the wick was fully saturated, I ramped up the coils to full temperature. Upon the first inhale my first thought was that Twist-It is one of those rare flavours that manages to balance creamy and fruity undertones perfectly. Strawberry comes through initially, with a subtle vanilla ice-cream flavour sitting on the tongue during the exhale. I often find that a vendor will overcompensate for either one of the aforementioned tastes, which ends up with the e-liquid’s flavour becoming less pronounced over time. Which brings me to my next category.

At this point I’ve been vaping Twist-It for one full day in the shop, and I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s one of those flavours where you have to make sure your wick is always fully saturated to get the full effects of the flavour, but that’s wholly dependent on whether you’re using an RDA or, like me, an RDTA, but I feel this is a great flavour if you’re looking for something new amongst all of the variations of sweet bakery flavours.

I feel like this is definitely a candidate for our ADV Award (coming soon!) and would recommend coming into the shop to try some at our Vape Bar. As a footnote, I did try this in a couple of other atomisers and it holds its own, even in a tank running at 0.6Ω.

Twist-It By Vape Lolly Co 60ml