Vaping Laws Reversed as UK Government Bill Reaches Second Stage

The UK Government has passed a bill to deregulate several subsections of the Tobacco Product Directive (or TPD) that was passed in May of 2017.  Many proponents of the vaping community were highly critical of the bill, with some saying that the directive was only ever intended for products like loose leaf tobacco and cigarettes. Other people mentioned that the relative newness of the electronic cigarette industry meant that it was irresponsible for EU lawmakers to include all nicotine-containing products as a catch-all, with mentions of a separate vaping specific law being more suitable.

The change last year meant that several manufactures were forced to change the way their products were made, often opting to release two separate versions of their products for differing markets.  A good example of this change is the recent proliferation of shortfills, as well as the relatively small size of the TPD Compliant Tanks.

HC Bill 59 or the ‘Electronic Cigarettes (Regulation) Act 2018’ is a private members bill by Conservative MP for Christchurch Chris Chope. The bill was introduced to parliament in September of last year and has reached the first reading stage, with a second reading expected in Parliament tomorrow, with general outlines of the bill being voted on before being sent to committee for consideration. You can find a full link to the bill here.

We’ll keep an eye on the progress of the bill and update you with any major breakthroughs as it travels through the parliamentary process.